Wednesday, March 7, 2007


We live in highly polarized time. This is more evident than ever following I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's conviction yesterday on 4 of 5 counts of perjury. The real crime, here, is how the Liberals are handling the verdict: by dancing in the streets. Seeing Joe Wilson on Countdown last night you would think his national soccer team just won the world cup. Watch the sickening clip here. This blog got word that just outside the frame is a home-made torch to make sure the night turns out right. Rush Limbaugh thinks the Wilsons may even be behind the whole thing. For them it's just another excuse to party.

Unsurprisingly, the Dems can't stick to one scandal and get something done. They also have to pounce on the Walter Reed scandal. Rep. Waxman was practically doing keg stands at the hearings he was so thrilled. Look Whack-man: you're the chairman of the Commitee for Oversight and Government Reform, not the chairman of undermine the president and don't support the troops commitee.

Which brings us to the purging of US Attorneys for what appears to be political gain. Look Democrats, leave it alone. Just pick a scandal and stick with it, okay? Typical flip-flopping from the left, "The Walter Reed Scandal is more important, the US Attorney scandal is more important..."

Next thing you know they're gonna make a scandal out of nothing. Oh wait, they already did. Ann Coulter, god bless her, is a big-hearted conservative whose only crime is caring too much. But what do the scandal-hungry Scandal-crats do? They go on a witch hunt and demonize her just because she engaged in a little playful hate-mongering. Yes, she called John Edwards a faggot, but you know what? She didn't call Obama a n*****. I mean, that's gotta count for something. She didn't call Hillary Clinton a Leftist, which, to Clinton, counts as a slur. All I'm saying is that last year, when she said, "raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences," she was criticized as well, but look what happened. She was invited back to CPAC as a keynote speaker. She's the little bigot that just won't quit, god bless her.

So you know what, Scandal-crats? But your balls back on the nightstand where they belong, otherwise this Pandora's Box you've opened will consume us all. You don't have time to focus on the wire-tapping scandal, various Guantanamo Bay scandals, that pesky disappearing money this blog wrote about earlier, and a plethera of other scandals still unknown. Back out while you still can. And someone get that beer bong away from Whack-man.