Friday, March 6, 2009

Make the Best of It

-Bad Religion, "New America"

"Weve got to start to build
Progress and implement
For when we take our fill
And never pay the price
We only build ourselves
A fleeting, false paradise"

A reader writes to Andrew Sullivan:

"I’m a public school teacher and a mom. My husband’s small repair business is closing and our roof is leaking. Because we can’t afford new clothes or toys for our preschooler, we’re getting together with neighbors and hosting a swap meet. Everyone’s bringing old (but wearable) toys, books, and clothes, and without exchanging a single penny, we’ll all be pouring out our bags of stuff and “shopping.” With a coffee pot running and our kids running around, it’ll be one way to celebrate being poor together."


Tempy said...

Wow, updating your blog must be really difficult for you.

Alex Grubard said...

While I'd say that's a mediocre Bad Religion song the lyrics are still really good. I could do without the "Wa-oh!"s. The music video is really good though.

The Decider said...

Wow I love that you actually linked to a fucking super-bogus Bad Religion song. I thought I was, like, one of only 5 people who still listened to them. And that album is ridiculous - but i loooooove that you actually posted it here. And I still listen to that album.