Friday, June 26, 2009

Tools Get Much Needed iPhone Tool

When you run (or read) a blog as popular as this one, you're gonna have ladies throwin' theyselves at you left and right. Luckily, some enterprising misogynist has created an iPhone app that will help readers of ComedyandPolitics keep their ladies straight.

Here's the product description, from the website. [ed: Providing link for verification purposes. Don't buy this app.]

Welcome to the famous "The Amazing Girlfriend Manager"!

With this application you can improve your relationships by applying concepts of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) on your girlfriends. Think about your girlfriend as a client! What information and tools you need to improve your relationship? This application is the answer.

Features of this application:
- Allows you to manage multiple girlfriends at the same time (not recommended for moral reasons)
- You can assign a rating for each girl
- Stores personal information, preferences, sizes of clothing, notes and other data for each girl

For each girl you can register:
- Gifts given and received, cost and rating
- Dates, location, cost and rating
- Special dates (first date, first kiss, first trip together, bla bla bla…)

Benefits that this application can bring to you:
- Don’t make mistakes. Check the measurements of the girl before you buy a new pair of shoes or clothing
- Be creative. Do not repeat gifts
- Be more creative. Avoid always going to the same places with the same girl
- Be attentive. Do not forget your special dates
- Be healthy. Do not mix information from two girls
- Be the master. Show to your friends your long list of girls
- Be selective. Through the analysis of ratings and cost of dates and gifts, you can keep only the girls with the best cost-benefit

WARNING: For your own safety, under any circumstances, do not let your girlfriend access this application



Anonymous said...

Women have always been commodities. This is just a high tech version.

Mo Diggs said...

iPhone: good girlfriend
Blackberry: deep-throating crack whore