Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Floor Drops Out, Country Lands in Cage Match

Yesterday, President Bush appeared on NBC's ode to low expectations, Deal or No Deal. Yes, he did. Yes. Seriously. He did. He did. Yes, yes, he...yes...yes, he did.

Coincidentally--or, if you are cynical, you believed this was only a matter of time--the 3 main presidential candidates appeared on Monday Night Raw last night. That's right, folks. In one night, you could be lucky enough to watch Bush appear via-satellite to joke about his low approval ratings, and then hear McCain utter the truly disheartening word "McCain-iac!" in reference to those simple/evil enough to vote for him.

It was a great night for American politics, nay, American History, nay, all of the Greater North American Landmass. Mexico, Canada, you're welcome.