Thursday, April 24, 2008

When You're Right...

Today Slate's homepage features what must be one of the most drastically understated headlines in this primary cycle. It reads, "Black Voters Will Not Be Happy if Obama is Denied the Nomination." I should say not. The article, by Michael C. Dawson, which is well worth reading, is here.

The thesis of the piece is that if superdelegates decided the outcome of this race in the mystical "smoke filled room" and give it to Clinton, when the popular vote and pledged delegate count are in clear favor of Obama, African Americans will rightly feel marginalized, dispirited, and angry. Dawson's prediction is that the

"already worrying statistic of 79 percent of blacks who believe that racial equality for blacks will either not be achieved in their lifetime or at all in the U.S. will jump to an even larger percentage..."

It's difficult to imagine anything other than that result is superdelegates hand the nomination to Clinton.