Thursday, September 10, 2009

Party of Racists Now Also Party of Stupid Children

It has been clear for some time now that the so-called "Republican Party" is little more than a confederacy of white nationalists and robber barons, united by equal levels of hatred and ignorance. Their party's symbol may as well be Glen Beck pissing on the grave of Thomas Paine. That's been obvious to anybody with a brain for quite some time. What's also now clear is that they are a party of whiny assholes who deserve to be treated like nothing other than whiny assholes.

During Obama's speech to the Congress on Wednesday night, the GOP revealed its true colors as a gang of disrespectful morons who will not participate in the act of governing in any meaningful way. Joseph Wilson outburst of, "YOU LIE" stands out as the most flagrant trespass against decency and civility of the night, but it was far from the only one. Alex Koppelman at Salon, and Dana Milbank at WaPo both catalogued the GOP's asshat-ery. There is a sickening irony to Dana Milbank of all people--he who suggested that Hillary Clinton drink "mad bitch beer"--calling for civility.

Watching some of the footage, I couldn't help but think that I've seen better behaved crowds at strip clubs. Members of the GOP were holding up homemade signs that read "What bill?", because a speech to Congress should, more than anything else, closely resemble a WWF SummerSlam. I half expected Larry the Cable Guy to kick in the door to the House and scream, "Health Care?! I say, 'GIT R DUN!!!!!'" and then the Republicans would all stand up, rip their shirts off, grease themselves up, and roam the streets looking for at-risk teens to beat the shit out of.

I give it even odds that that'll happen at the State of the Union.

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