Friday, May 29, 2009

Conservatives Ruin Something In New, Profoundly Upsetting Way

If you're anything like me, you've been waiting for two white guys to rap about how awesome conservative ideology is.

Oh, you're not like me? You say no one is? You say no one has ever been or will ever be waiting for conservative rap?

You're probably right.

Presented below without comment--because, really, these guys say more than enough themselves--is The Young Cons, "rapping" their song "Young Con Anthem." Everyone (so far) seems to think that this is real, so who am I to say that anything this grotesque when taken at face-value must be a brilliant parody.

If it's real, it's embarrassing to every group even tangentially associated with it--conservatives, religious folk, rappers, white people, men, people who own or use video cameras, anybody who has ever spoken into a microphone for any reason, etc. If it's fake, it is absolute genius. [via TPM]


Philippe said...

wow. jesus ronald regan and atlas shrug. wow. wow.

Virginia said...

That's the problem with neocons, right? They're so ridiculous it's hard to tell where the douchebaggery stops and the parody begins. Tell me, doesn't it make a comic's job rather difficult when the target so deftly lampoons itself? How can one's punchlines compete with the real thing?

Hey John, Galloway pointed me to thisy here blog o' yourn. Glad to see you're fightin' the good fight.

- Ginny (of those heady Dubuque days)