Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gibbs Explains Context, Which Really Shouldn't Have To Happen

The job of the White House Press Secretary--currently Robert Gibbs--is to lie to reporters and conceal information in the slickest way possible. I find Gibbs generally disagreeable for this reason and this reason alone. In the clip below, though, he comes across as an adult who understands that the context in which a statement is made is very important. The journalist asking the question, on the other hand, comes across like the winner of a reality TV show where the prize is getting to ask stupid questions to that man in front of the prezidant's sealy thing.

The idiotic question this idiot asks is "why did La Sonia JustICE accurately describe the difference between appellate and circuit courts on that youtube clip?" but he asks it like an idiot and totally misses the point. Gibbs then explains that youtube shouldn't determine who is on the Supreme Court.

I love his follow up question, which is essentially, "but what if everybody is as stupid and shallow as I am?"

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