Tuesday, May 5, 2009

KATG and General Round Up

Work has been super busy lately, so blogging has been suffering for several weeks now. Today has been light, though, so I'll try to throw a few things up here. We'll see how it goes.

The first thing worth noting is that I'll be on a very fun podcast called Keith and the Girl tonight at 7pm. That link will take you to their website, where you can either livestream the show or download it to listen to later on your mp3 player or other compatible device. Jesse Joyce, a very talented young man with a bright future (full disclosure: he once referred to me as his "horse," ie, he's betting on me), will be a guest as well.

I don't really have anything else to share right now, and I'm quite behind on my news/blog reading, so I'll just offer a few rejected Onion headlines from this week. I've been meaning to post these regularly, but, since I'm lazy, it hasn't happened. Both Ben Schwartz and Jon Friedman have previously made names for themselves, in part, by highlighting rejected material--Rejected Jokes and The Rejection Show, respectively--so I harbor no illusions that posting a few mediocre Onion headlines is groundbreaking. That said, I hope you enjoy them.

I had one get past the first round this week, and if it shows up in the paper I will of course post it here. Here area a few of the 14 that got rejected.

Drunk Morning DJ Actually Asking What Radio Station Made Listener A Winner

Detroit Now Ruled By Warlord

Detroit Divided Into Five Separate Fiefdoms

[ed note: I have nothing against Detroit. Some of my best friends...etc.]

Sex Playlist On Computer Remains Untested

Area Couple Realizes They're Living Out Sam Medes Movie Plot

Man Could Swear Garfield Did The Same Thing Last Sunday

"Hang In There" Cat Run Over By Car After Falling From Tree

[ed note: This one is my favorite of the bunch]

Man Trying To End Conversation Wishes He Had Second Phone To Look At

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