Monday, August 17, 2009

Chart Shows That Yes, GOP Are Bunch Of Shitty People Who Lie About Everything

I found this chart over at the Daily Dish, and it confirms what anyone with half a brain is already well aware of. The GOP will lie about literally anything, at any time, for money or power or fun. Democrats do this too, duh, but, seriously, the GOP would throw their collective mothers under the bus for an expenses-paid golfing trip overseas and some caviar made out of Africans.

From the Dish:

"Politifact evaluated the truthfulness of claims by supporters and opponents of health care reform. John Sides made a provisional graph based upon Politifact's data. Not exactly a scientific chart, but it is telling."

Evidence like this highlights the dangers of stenographer-style journalism--as though those dangers had to be highlighted at all.

On a related note, I just received an e-mail a friend informing me about a website called Young Invincibles that's attempting to mobilize 18-34 years old around the issue of health care. Take a look, and if it looks like something you can get behind, please sign the petition.

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