Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Onion Headline And A Few Rejected Ones Too

I have a headline in The Onion this week. Just a one-liner, no story, but I still like it. Here it is.

Attempt To Return Paperclip To Original Shape Proves Daunting

It is quite silly, no? The Onion doesn't provide direct links to one-liners on their website, but I can link to the facebook post they put up for it. The comments, generally speaking, have been positive. I've also seen a lot of commenters sharing strategies for how to re-shape a paperclip, which strikes me as odd.

Just for fun, and since I haven't done it in a while, here are three rejected headlines from this week that I enjoy.

Blog Snob Looking Down At Co-Worker Reading Huffingtonpost

Astronaut’s Wife Sick Of Being Compared With Majesty Of Space

Child Delighted When First Told About Pairing Of Water, Giant Slides

The blog snob one was originally going to take the form of:

Blog Snob Has Been Reading Glenn Greenwald Since Before He Was Even At Salon

But that headline has a very, very limited audience. Ok, back to the newz.

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