Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GOP Website As Successful As GOP

“The RNC’s big relaunch of its website has not gone so well today. In the last hour or so, the site has been crashing periodically. The Obama campaign’s former online guru, Joe Rospars, tells TPMDC: ‘You know your web program is in trouble when your site can’t even handle the traffic bump from people making fun of your web program.’”


It seems the GOP has redesigned their website, and, well, let's just say it's not pretty. Wonkette has been having quite a time with it, which should come as no surprise, but even fact-bots at ThinkProgress have been leveling some snark.

RNC’s New Website Reflecting Steele’s ‘Urban-Suburban Hip-Hop’ Riddled With Errors, Widely Panned

HA! ThinkProgress has never made a joke in its life! Sure, that headline isn't a joke exactly, but it makes me smile! So--joke!

I'm hesitant to search this Gop dot com virus enabler too much for fear of my computer 'sploding, but, oh, hi there lil guy. What do we have here? This lil nugget shows up in their blog roll.

Feeding the Machine is the more tech-minded blog from New Media

I assume this is the blog that posts the question, "How do you run a website/political party?" Also, "Feeding the Machine"? Come on, Gop dot com, isn't that a little...1990s-ish? And does that mean that the political party behind Gop dot com considers itself "the Machine"? Ha! Losers!

OH AND HEY LOOKS AT THIS REAL QUICK! Hahahaha, this page is fucking great. It's the "jobs" page. I'm looking for the job application for the position to "Crack Olympia Snowe on the base of the skull with a black jack," but I can't find it yet. (Not that I want to do that, but the Gop dot comers don't care for her right now!) So what does it take to get a gob at Gop dot com? Here's one section!

YouTube Video:
You may create a clip on YouTube of why you want to work at the RNC and cut/paste the URL in the box provided

So, hey, all you perverts with a webcam can now sit on the Ways and Means Commission or whatever.

Oh, there's also this:

I agree to the following:*
I certify that all the information provided below is truthful and accurate.

PLEASE DON'T GO TO Gop DOT COM AND FILL OUT FALSE JOB SUBMISSIONS! And don't let me know about it if you do.


DBurg said...

You forgot my favorite part of the launch, which is that when you clicked the "Future Leaders" link on the website, you were directed to a "404: not found" message. Priceless.

Either that or Michael Steele's blog being named What Up?

John Knefel said...

I know! There was too much to cover. Also, Wonkette had already had some fun with the "What up" Steele blog.

I can't wait until they try to fix it and it just becomes a pron site or something.