Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WeatherPocalypse 2009

I've returned from my Appalachian vacation, folks, and it's good to see that very little has changed. I'm of course referring to the fact that most Americans don't really think that the now-certain WeatherPocalypse is that big a deal. And, unsurprisingly and depressingly, as the US-sponsored War on Earth spirals us ever closer to the End of Days, Americans are growing less and less concerned about the issue. Democracy Now! reported on Friday:

"A poll released on Thursday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found that just 57 percent of respondents believe there is solid evidence that the world is getting warmer, down 20 percentage points in just three years. The poll also found only 35 percent of Americans believe global warming is a very serious problem."

Haha! Yeah, screw you Earth. Things are getting worse!? Well, I don't think they are. Sure, three years ago maybe I believed in some of your "facts," but where have they gotten us? Nowhere.

Or, wait, I mean... they've gotten us here. Where things are good. I think. So now we've used up those facts it's time to throw them away like a Styrofoam cup on a tire fire. Your typical anti-corporate, tree-hugging hippies are offering up a conspiracy theory to explain why public opinion has regressed so drastically:

"This downturn in public understanding of the climate crisis confirms that the corporate investment in climate confusion is paying a dividend. The public confusion campaigns launched by ACCCE, the Chamber, National Association of Manufacturers, American Petroleum Institute and a host of others, are all deliberately targeted at moving the dial on public opinion."

That's from Jim Hoggan of DeSmogBlog [via], who has probably never even shot a gun. Look, Jim Hoggan, does a bear shit in the woods? Not anymore, he doesn't.

As is to be expected, the loose confederacy of robber barons and white nationalists (the GOP) is leading the charge towards caveperson-dom.

"The poll highlighted, yet again, the partisan split on climate science, with just 35 percent of Republicans seeing solid evidence of rising temperatures, compared to 75 percent of Democrats."

I'm just going to go ahead and say this now. We NEED to stop using the asinine euphemism "partisan split on climate science," and just say outright what is happening in this country. The GOP, in general, is a collection of either ignorant or greedy sociopaths bent on destroying civilization by any means necessary.

For small dose of optimism, browse around 350.org to see photographs from this past weekend of demonstrations around the world aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of Global Warming.

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Unkie J said...

Bears do shit in the woods, I have the JPEGs to prove it. You know who else shits in the woods? Texas based natural gas mining companies. They are poised to begin hydro-fracking the Marcellus Shale in upstate New York, fracking is a process that has destroyed the ground water of countless citizens in TX, CO, PA and with the help of New York legislators and Senators they'll be polluting rural folks water up here as well. They promise to try not to pollute the NYC reservoir system but shit happens. Natural gas is a friendly way of saying methane and methane is one of the worst green house gasses. Hip hip hooray Mr. Pickens! Here's a link to a blog from PA on the subject. Lots of YouTube videos as well.