Thursday, February 26, 2009

Foggo Gets Jail-o

The CIA is a criminal organization that operates out of a barn in Virginia, and has failed at pretty much everything it has ever tried to do. That it's ranks are overflowing with violent thugs is widely known and celebrated both in Liberal Hollywood and in Real America, but today one of their many goons is facing the electric-testicle shock of justice.

Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, a man so hilariously surnamed that a nickname seems entirely superfluous, was sentenced to 37 months in prison today on bribery and fraud charges. He is the highest ranking CIA bag to be convicted of a felony, though he is without question NOT the highest ranking CIA bag who deserves to be thrown in jail.

Let's hear the sexy spy details, you're thinking, you pervert. Ok, then, here we go. The New York Times reports,

"[that] the exact conduct for which Foggo pleaded guilty is still somewhat murky.

Prosecutors say the fraud encompassed a years-long scheme in which Foggo's old friend, contractor Brent Wilkes, showered Foggo with tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts and luxury vacations in exchange for steering multimillion-dollar contracts in Wilkes' direction.

They also say the fraud includes Foggo's efforts to get his mistress hired by the CIA at a six-figure salary for a job for which she was unqualified."

He probably shouldn't have been doing that, but considering the crimes of the CIA for the past 8 years this seems a little like an Al Capone Tax Evasion case.

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