Monday, February 23, 2009

"Snark" Gets Dismantled

Walter Kirn has a fantastic, and hilarious, review of David Denby's new idiotic book Snark over at the New York Times' Sunday Book Review. We recommend it highly. Here's just one of the great turns of phrase:

"[Denby] wants to correct and restrain, using scholarship and logic, perhaps the keenest, most reflexive, prehistoric and anarchic of simple human pleasures, short of eating or achieving orgasm. The act of laughter, this would be."

Wonkette has already leveled their own correct, and hilarious, criticisms at Denby. One of those posts can be found here, and contains this lovely passage:

"First he references one of your male associate editor’s posts about Chelsea Clinton and suggests that the “young women” who wrote it must have some catty jealousy issues, with their vaginas. Then he writes that we made fun of Ted Kennedy on the day of his brain tumor surgery, citing a post about something else entirely that was written seven months before Kennedy even got cancer. Damn those bloggers, always trying to ruin other peoples’ reputations with false information!"

The moral of this post is that David Denby is a big idiot who wanted to work at SPY but never got to and now he dresses up in leather and asks to be spanked like a bad boy. Or rather, that's what we heard from some blogger in a David Denby mask.

UPDATE: Even Andrew Sullivan hates David Denby, and Sullivan, depending on the day, will agree with anyone.

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