Friday, February 13, 2009

More Doppelgangers

In the last two days, I (dropping the ed. "we" again briefly) have been told that I look like two people that I've never been compared to before. Neither one of these comparisons live up to the "fat dude in a John Knefel costume" post from a few weeks ago, but they are worth passing along nonetheless. It's a Friday afternoon, and the growing concensus on the left that the stimulus package is going to be a miserable failure has left me looking for escape from politics for an afternoon.

On Wednesday, I was told that I bear a resemblance to Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University. I don't see it, but there you go.

Here's me.

And here's a statue.

And Noah helpfully informed me that I look like Jimmy Carter did in high school.

So there you go.


Mo Diggs said...

You definitely look like a peanut farmer

Hullyg said...

The physical resemblance to Carter is eerie and bears investigation.

Joe Yoga said...

the jimmy carter thing bugged me out.