Monday, February 23, 2009

Iceland Now Womanland, Still Icy

What many consider to be our greatest fear has finally come to pass: Women are running a country. In some sort of Alice In Wonderland-esque nightmare scenario, women have seized power in Iceland, and they have enslaved all the gentle-menfolk. The Guardian has a firsthand account of this hell, that chillingly states:

"...for a generation of fortysomething women, the havoc is translating into an opportunity to step into the positions vacated by the men blamed for the crisis, and to play a leading role in creating a more balanced economy, which, they argue, should incorporate overtly feminine values."

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!1111! Run for the hills! These women will kill us all! Gasp in horror as they torture their captive men with food not fit for a rush-week prank:

"On Bondadagur, or Husband's Day, the menfolk of Iceland are spoiled by their wives and girlfriends, who serve them with traditional delicacies such as ram's testicles and sheep's head jelly, a recipe for which is handily included in the latest online edition of Iceland Review, alongside the latest bulletins on the economic meltdown."

Quick! We must save the innocent men of Iceland before these power-crazed women cut off their testicles and feed them back to them for dinner, creating some sort of testicle-feedback loop, probably, that would build and build until the world economy comes crashing down under the weight of too many testicles.

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