Friday, January 23, 2009

Existential Clarity Through Jackets and Such

If there's one thing this blog knows for sure it's that society is comprised of lonely, isolated, atomized persons, all desperately searching for some sort of distraction from the ultimate cosmic truth/cliche which states: everything that begins must end. As Bob Dylan so accurately sang:

"We sit here stranded/
but we all do our best to deny it..."

Truly, each person is alone, creating his or her own universe every moment of every day. That's what we thought, at least, UNTIL WE SAW THIS!

That dude is dressed exactly like me! (Have to drop the editorial "we" for this part of the post; it would be too weird otherwise) No way is that a coincidence. There is some sort of higher power at work, here. Seriously, look at that guy! Now, look at me! Do it! Look at me!

It's like he's wearing a "John Knefel" costume for christssake! Turns out we are not ultimately alone, God exists, and love is real. Our apologies for the confusion.

We will leave you with a quote from an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer finds himself in the exact same position that this blog is in.

"Oh my God, this guy is my identical twin...(gasp) THAT DOG HAS A PUFFY TAIL! C'mere puff ball!"

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jessica said...

OH MY GOD, that is creepy. and also totally amazing.