Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Atheismists are Positively Correct About Doubt

This one is also via Sullivan, from a reader of his. Nice little meditation about what atheists actually believe and stand for.

"The essential difference between atheism and a strong theism such as Christianity is that one makes specific, positive claims about the material universe that are untestable and for which there is no good evidence, and the other does not. It's quite true that a hypothetical atheist who was absolutely certain that "there's nothing out there" would be holding an indefensible position; but in practice, virtually no atheist--not even Dawkins or PZ Myers--feels that way
Remember: atheism as it is normally found in the real world says, "There is no evidence to support (for example) the Christian God, so until such evidence is presented, I maintain no belief in such a god and live under the assumption that he is not there." "

Mike Drucker and I are doing our (D)evangelical show at the PIT this Friday at 7pm. Come by. We'll also be going down to Atlanta, and hopefully DC for related shows in April.

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