Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Disposable Income Now Spent Exclusively on Digital Flatulence

Last night at a party we suggested that the number of times a person passes the ol' gas in an hour is an under-analyzed economic indicator. If you all truly are a bunch of bean eaters (as we here at ComedyandPolitics always suggest) because you are poor, then that means you are most likely passing an amazing amount of the ol' gas. This blog has certainly had it's bloated nights. What?

Okay, you're saying, I come here for jokes about turds in punchbowls, not gas in jean-pants. First of all, they're just called jeans. Second, we hope you like the taste of being wrong, because you're about to find out just how wrong you are.

It just came to our attention (via Balk) that there is a new application for the iPhone called iFart. Simply put, you can download it for $0.99 and your phone will, and there's no delicate way to put this, fart on demand. Fart constantly. Just gassin' and gassin' as much as you want it to. Right now your phone could be farting. Think about how awesome that is. Right now...in your hand...your phone...could be making...one of the many sounds...your ass makes.

ComedyandPolitics' official stance on this application is that it is the height of human achievement and those responsible must immediately be given cabinet-level positions in Obama's administration, either in the Department of Agriculture, or a newly created Department of Fartin' and Shit. Also, this app has been the most popular download for the iPhone for the past two weeks. That's right. What little money this country has left is being digitally pooted away on a $600 whoopie cushion.

We seriously do love this though. Check out just a few of the different farts you can choose from:

-Brown Mosquito
-Burrito Maximo
-Laundry Day [our favorite]
-Dirty Raoul
-Silent But Deadly

Here is the video so you can see it in action. We hope all of you gas-bags are happy with yourselves.

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