Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Israeli Offensive has Almost Killed Enough Palestinians to Ensure Lasting Peace

We haven't been writing about the Israeli offensive because it's very complicated, which is what people say if they are serious people. With brow appropriately furrowed, they courageously claim, "war is hell, no one wants this, but Israel must defend itself." Doesn't that seem so sophisticated? The answer is yes.

Ok, enough of the fun stuff. The best analysis of this situation, as usual, comes from Glenn Greenwald over at Salon. He argues, accurately, that whether or not you agree with Israel's actions, the United States should be neutral. Israel's interests aren't--or rather, shouldn't be--identical to America's, but when that country uses our tanks and bombs to reign down destruction on an occupied land, it necessarily engenders hatred both towards Israel and America.

For a good report on the current situation in Gaza, here is a video from Amy Goodman at Democracy Now! She is fantastic, and if you have an hour to kill at work, we highly recommend watching this report in full.

From the mainstream press, the NY Times has an editorial today that really must be read in full to be believed. It exemplifies the one-sidedness of the way every major media outlet and pundit in America thinks about this situation. Here is what the so-called left-wing liberal media in this country wants to see happen:

"Israel, aided by the United States, Europe and moderate Arab states, must try to end this conflict as soon as possible and in a way that increases the chances for negotiating a broad regional peace."

And with a straight face, they also write that the death toll is now at 550 Palestinians to 5 Israelis, so, yeah, um, both sides are going to be ready to make peace equally any day now. But don't end this now. End it as soon as possible. Whenever's good for you.

Also, let it be said that Hamas shouldn't be shooting missles at Israel. It's obvious, but if you don't say that and criticize Israel you're asking for a hurtin'. Ok that's it.

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