Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the News

23/6 is a humorous website that we contribute to on occasion, and has treated us well over the past few months that we've been involved. We don't stay up to date on the inner workings of the site, so this news came as a surprise to us. From Gawker:

"Just last month, IAC chief Barry Diller was chiding his fellow moguls for laying workers off in a recession and spending indiscriminately. So how does he explain getting rid of 23/6, his humor site?

The editors of the depressingly unfunny 23/6, whose idea of cleverness is a dancing Wolf Blitzer GIF, are not quite being cast out on the street. Instead, it is being rescued by Huffington Post, a partner in the joint venture with IAC. Arianna Huffington is turning the site into the Huffington Post's comedy "vertical."

The Huffington Post had promoted 23/6 online, but IAC had fronted all of the site's cash, sources tell's Jeff Bercovici."

Haha, Gawker, you hate everybody. Let's hope the website can stay afloat until this blog's traffic spikes to 10 million a day or whatever. As far as we know, the address is still

Here's our latest 23/6 piece about brave Democrats.

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