Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Teflon Obama

Yesterday's swearing in of Pop sensation Barack Obama as our 44th Student Body President presented quite a few security problems for Government officials. One (awesome) security measure that this blog didn't even know about is something called "bullet-resistant clothing." This armor is somewhat less protective that a bulletproof vest, but somewhat more protective than a winning smile and positive disposition. More information, you ask? Of course [via Slate]:

"It's unclear what brand of body armor Obama sported at the inauguration, but several companies produce discreet, thinner vests that can be worn underneath clothing, inserted into an outer layer (like a coat) or woven into a shirt. Miguel Caballero, a Colombian company, makes bullet-resistant leather jackets, polo shirts, Windbreakers, and ruffled tuxedo shirts, which range from a few hundred dollars to $7,000 in price."

Wait wait wait. "Ruffled tuxedo shirts?" Yes. Yes, this blog would like a closet full of those, thanks. Combine those with our winning smile and positive disposition and we'll be untouchable, just like Mr. 44 himself.

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