Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Night

Last night was obviously a huge night in American politics. I'll post what interesting analysis I find later today, but this morning I just want to write about my experience last night.

Molly and I were at The PIT doing a show, then hit a party downtown, but we left before the race was called for Obama. We started walking to the Bowery J stop, when a black SUV flew down the street. A dude hung halfway out the passenger-side window screaming, "Obama won! Obama won!" like some sort of modern-day Paul Revere, but for a good thing.

At the bar on the corner, people spilled out onto the sidewalk yelling into cell phones. Some poor bastard had to try to quiet them down, but to little avail.

The JMZ to Brooklyn starts underground in Manhattan, but goes above ground when it goes over the river. People who had been on the train for 20 minutes pulled out their phones to check in with friends. One kid, after he got the confirmation, started banging on the subway doors. He turned to the car and said, "you all know he won, right?" It was a unique experience to be on the JMZ at 11:30PM and see everyone smiling.

Then, back at Molly and Joe's, their downstairs neighbors were celebrating and yelling, and neighbors from the building in front came out and we all had a nice little moment.

All night I was trying not to be a crank about everything. Healthy criticism and skepticism to follow, but not right now.

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