Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worst State in Union Maybe Not So Bad

Ted Stevens, most corrupt man alive, was recently found guilty of being a slightly worse than average politician and now he can't serve his country anymore because he's a felon. In what shouldn't have been a surprising move, Alaska is going rogue and doing it's damnedest to reelect him anyway. And he was winning for a while. But now that they are actually counting all the votes, he is losing.

If you don't remember, Ted Stevens famously described the internet as "a series of tubes," and, "not a big truck." This caused the internet to explode with laughter and youtube videos, the best of which is posted below. But be warned, don't watch this unless you want to smile and dance, two things that Ted the Felon will never get to do again. Why? Tubes! The internet--is tubes!

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