Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Move to the Center

Before Obama has even won, his surrogates are claiming how fast he'll "move to the center" and "reach accross the aisle." For good insight into this, read David Sirota, Joan Walsh, and Glenn Greenwald's back and forth here. This is very discouraging, but not surprising. We'll see how it actually plays out, again, assuming today plays out as everyone expects it to.

The link to the video is here. It won't let me embed it for some reason.


Tempy said...

You can't even embed video?

Some blogger you are.

John Knefel said...

Look. Fox News video wouldn't embed. Lousy comments.

Hullyg said...

Barack is a centrist, always has been, for better or worse. That's why he's gotten so far. When elected the progressives are going to attack him the minute he steps out of line. He'll get it from both sides, just like Clinton.