Friday, November 14, 2008

Clinton Meets Obama to Request Cabinet-level Position of "President"

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama met in Gangsterville Chicago yesterday, people are reporting. She was about to get tommygunned down by King Daley the 6th until Rahm Emanuel was like, "HEY! She's with me," and then everyone backed off. From Huffpo:

The New York Senator is reportedly under consideration for Secretary of State, but it is unclear whether she had discussed that position with the transition team before making the trip. "If they told her beforehand, she did not tell her people," the official said.

Bill Clinton responded, "I think this is great news. Sec. of State are out of the country a lot, right? [deep gufaw] Just kidding. I love my wife. [lip bite, concerned look in eye] This is a great opportunity. For both of us."

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Anonymous said...

She was lucky. In Chicago they usually grab you off the street, put a hood over your head, throw you in the trunk and drive you to an undisclosed location to discuss high ranking political appointments. Afterwards they dump your ass in the river. Standard operating procedure. It happened to the late Senator Paul Simon a lot.