Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sound Fix is a Place Where It's Always Safe and Warm

Here's a sweet electric version of Shelter From the Storm. Play it now, then read the post and it will make sense.

So, last night was a fun one at Sound Fix. The recent loss of the open bar hasn't hurt attendance and neither has the cold, which is New York cold (not THAT that bad), not Minnesota cold (truly awful). Our plan the whole time was to build up enough momentum by feeding people free booze over the summer that they would return even if the free booze were taken away, and it seems to have worked. That said, every Wednesday at 7:30 I'm convinced that no one will come to the show. I'm usually wrong though!

It's very difficult to predict how any individual show will turn out. Ed Murray and I have spent many long nights trying to find a rhyme or reason to what distinguishes a wonderful night from a mediocre one. We've come to the conclusion that there is none. But last night was great.

There's something awkward about going through every one's set individually and evaluating it, so let me just say that Lucas Held, Eric Andre, Murderfist, Jared Logan, and Oren Brimer all killed. And the show afterwards, Totally JK, was really fun too. Positivity!

Then, while waiting for the subway, I asked the ubiquitous guitar-slinger if he knew Don't Think Twice (It's All Right), which was on my mind for some reason, and he said no. But he did know Shelter From the Storm, which he played heroically. Since I lost my ipod, I've become completely dependent on street musicians to provide me with a distraction while I wait for the train. I had had a few beers, and I probably thanked him more than anyone else did all night. It was an appropriate way to round things out.

Come next week. It will be fun too. I promise!

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