Monday, November 24, 2008

Lizard People--T in a PB (cont'd.)

The more layers we peel off this case the more it stinks, just like a turd in a punchbowl. It turns out that the mysterious Lizard People voter is Lucas Davenport, a Bemidji resident who enjoys exercising his right to waste his own time.

Local Twin Cities resident and friend to the common man Dan Feidt alerted ComedyandPolitics to this development earlier today via Facebook comments:

'Lizard people' is our favorite thing here @ work. PBG & I are looking for the secret portal to the underworld - some 25-yr old guy in Bemidji stepped fwd as the Lizard People guy on MPR this morning.

Thanks for the tip! If any Minnesota readers can send a photograph of Mr. Davenport in a compromising situation (maybe pooping somewhere he shouldn't be, hmm?), it would be much appreciated. This blog needs to drive its traffic up. Your prize will be Alex Jones' filthy punchbowl.

UPDATE: Dan has a good blog called Hong Pong. Check it out.

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