Monday, November 3, 2008

Standing in Awe of Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald is my favorite political writer right now. He is consistently insightful and always logical. His arguments about what has gone wrong with this country and what to do to make things better are more profound and spot-on than virtually any other writer. But sometimes he just let's loose and articulates the disgust that so many people feel:

George Bush is the person in whom the Right placed its blind faith, the one they
glorified and held up as the ultimate standard-bearer of what they believe in.
And now he -- and they -- lay in shambles and disgrace. No matter what metric
one uses, it's difficult to overstate what a profound failure the Bush
presidency is, and everyone -- including Bush -- knows that. The most important
aspect of this Tuesday's election is to finalize their humiliating repudiation
and to bury them for what they've done.