Friday, November 28, 2008

Today in Dubuque News (Hint: It's Cartoony Violence)

Today has been what you might call a "slow" day, wherein the primary activities were watching TV and walking to another room to watch TV.

One of the best things about being back in fair Dubuque is the local news. And man oh man oh man is it local. The computer this is being posted from doesn't have Photoshop (thanks Mom and Dad for ruining this blog), so no screen grab today. But we assure you, this is one of the lead stories in Dubuque, IA on this wonderful Friday.

Dubuque man forked by father on Thanksgiving
He and dad are arrested on different charges


For one Dubuque man, Thanksgiving ended with a fork in his neck and a trespassing arrest.

Ahh, the ol' Dubuque fork to the neck. We originated it back in 19 hundred and ten, when farmer McCoy forked his son-in-law in the neck for calling the cows, "a buncha no good cows." That'll still you neck-forked today in some neighborhoods, btw.

Also, if you're wondering what you do on Thanksgiving night if you're playing pool at Cuemasters, the correct answer is: listen to 3 6 Mafia. But you already knew that.

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Evan said...

I'm 99% sure we went to high school with the aggressor in the story...