Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lizard People Voter is Within Reach

Lucas Davenport is the probably awesome dude who voted for Lizard People instead of Al Franken or Norm Coleman, both of whom are big into cryptozoology. Now that Lucas is a famous person for two minutes, social networking sites are harder to trust for tracking down reliable information. There are now dozens of Lucas Davenports on facebook, and none of them have any friends. Sad. Most of these jokers don't have a profile picture either, but then we found this bad boy.

LIZARD PEOPLE! It must be him! If ComedyandPolitics make contact with this 100% definitely THE Lucas Davenport we'll publish everything we can. And, in the impossible scenario that this isn't THE ONE AND ONLY Lucas Davenport, we'll have a new crazy person in our lives to give ideas for new posts.

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