Thursday, November 6, 2008

Robert Gibbs to Give Positive Spin on Rahm Emanuel's Inevitable Murders

Now that Barack Obama can tell everyone in the world what to do, expect some major changes. The first change is that his cabinet might be awesome. I wrote about crazy knife-wielding Chicago politico Rahm Emanuel yesterday, and now it appears that another cabinet position is being talked about.

Politico is reporting that Robert Gibbs will be the next person to lie to the press for money. Hopefully he won't be as bad as slimy Ari Fliecher, doughy Scott McClellen, bad dude (who died, so maybe no joke here I guess?) Tony Snow, or empty vessel Dana Perino. He almost certainly will be better than all of them, but who knows.

There's a good video of Gibbs handing Sean Hannity's ass to him on a platter, but the one below is good too. Nice jab about being surprised that Palin reads the Times.

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