Saturday, November 22, 2008


First Harvey, now this. What's happening here at ComedyandPolitics? Are we going sentimental?

No, it's just that the only way to survive this hateful winter is to dig in and surround yourself with the classics. Watching this the other night, ComedyandPolitics was struck by the critical role politics plays in this film. Victor Lazlo, Bogart's romantic competition, is a leader of the international anti-Nazi movement, and a terrific guy to boot. Bastard. And Rick (Bogart) fought against the Italians in Ethiopia and against the fascists in Spain before becoming disillusioned. He tries to tell himself he doesn't care, but he does. You're goddamn right he does!

The sound is a bit off in this clip, but you've probably seen it before. Dig in my friends. Or, if it's more appropriate, get on that plane.

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