Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lara Logan Now Embedded In Husband

Lara Logan, crusading journalist and damn sexy lady, was married a few weeks ago, CBS news is reporting. This is horrible news for ComedyandPolitics, as we find her to be the only woman with whom a long-term relationship is even remotely possible.

Logan is known equally well for both her tenacious war-time reporting and her tenacious war-time sexing. Two years after she split from her first husband, she started getting it on with CNN correspondent Michael Ware, because war is hell and we all have needs. For some reason people were surprised that two adults surrounded by death and destruction would try to find solace and comfort (or just pure blissful distraction) with another person.

Well, that relationship didn't work out, just like the one in Speed, I think, but now she's married to some defense contractor, which sounds kind of shitty. I don't feel like researching him, but if he's a defense contractor I'm just gonna go ahead and condemn him and ask, "Lara, what are you thinking!" Here are some highlights of this reporter in action.

Here she is on CNN defending her coverage of the war, after being asked the ridiculous question "You've been accused of spreading the terrorist's message..." This interview is from 2 and a half years ago, but it really feels like a different era.

Here she is on the Daily Show saying she'd blow her brains out if she watched American News. I know how she feels.

And here she is interviewing Erik Prince, the evilest man alive. He is awful. How can she marry a defense contractor? This is a great interview, if only for the footage of the Blackwater compound.


Anonymous said...

smart, well-spoken, hot blondes make me proud. -Eliza

John Knefel said...

I assume you're refering to me in that comment.