Monday, December 1, 2008

November's Blog Numbers

This blog has really only been regularly updated for a little bit now, so we thought we'd post some traffic numbers from November according to AdSense. These numbers are not unique views, so they give an inflated sense of how many people are reading this, but here they are anyway, because this blog needs all the inflation it can get.

Most page impressions in one day: Friday, Nov. 21 with 82 impressions.

Average page impressions over the month of Nov.: 37 per day (the weekends are slow)

Total page impressions for Nov.: 963

Total turd in a punchbowl references: Not sure. At least 9, counting that one.

Thanks guys, and keep reading, reposting, linking, etc.

Your reward is this video, deliciously titled "Pinata Accidents."

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