Friday, December 5, 2008

White People for Peace

Against Me! holds a very special place in this blog's heart. Their album Reinventing Axl Rose was the soundtrack of several years of drunken nights. The song below, White People for Peace, is from their 7" of the same name. It was on the other night at a bar, and it's as good a song as any with which to crash into Friday night.

It does contain one of the least poetic lines ever put to power chords, which is a truly phenomenal feat.

"The people sing protest songs to try to stop the soldier's guns.
Protest songs, in response to military aggression."

And yet...and yet this song and video are still awesome, despite the overproduction they both suffer from. The emaciated and grotesque "protester" is a nice touch, and the guitars sound really big. Enjoy.

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Breukellen said...

"Bureaucrats engaged in debate to try to reach a resolution"...did they just pull these lyrics from a newspaper?