Thursday, December 4, 2008

We were hoping the news would be funny on its own today. We're in luck! This guy is hilarious:

Police have made an arrest in an armoured car robbery in the US in which the suspect used the free online classifieds website Craigslist to hire decoys.
The robber pepper sprayed the armoured car guard on September 30 outside a Bank of America branch in Monroe, grabbed a bag of money and ran towards a tributary of the Skykomish River where he was seen floating off on a tube.

As he ran, the suspect dropped a pepper spray canister, a smaller bag of money, a hat, wig and sunglasses and a white particle mask.
The alleged robber had apparently used a fake Craigslist ad to bring job seeker to the area.

So his plan was to get a bunch of people to dress similarly and show up at the scene as decoys. It's really not a half bad idea. The only problem was that this was the getaway car:

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