Thursday, December 18, 2008

Year of Mistakes

Regret the Error has a wonderful post today (via Sullivan) running through some of the best corrections from newspapers and magazines from 2008. Here is a choice pick from Slate:

"In the June 20 “Culturebox,” Jonah Weiner stated that Lil Wayne was the first hip-hop artist to fantasize about eating his competition. Other rappers have contemplated consuming their rivals."

That's true. In fact, this blog's debut hip hop album, "Turd in a Punchbowl," contained a line about "consuming our rivals":

"Y'all other blogs be hatin' but we say "just go"
'cause we'll drink your blood 'cause we're lizard people"

To make it work you have to say "people" more like "pee-poe."'s not perfect, but we did it. Here's another good correction from something called The Age (no link provided, find it yourself):

AN ARTICLE in last week’s Sunday Age, “Born to be, um, mild — and possibly damp”, contained views about biker groups that were inserted in the editing process.
As well, the survey of motorcyclists who rode for about three hours every weekend found that many had problems emptying their bladders.
The story stated that bike riders could be “bedwetters”. The error was made during editing.

And from the Guardian:

We said that, in the American TV drama 24, Jack Bauer, the counter-terrorism agent, resorted to electrocution to extract information. You cannot extract information from someone who has been electrocuted because they are dead (Questioning, the Jack Bauer way, page 1, April 19).

This is the only good "year in review" type thing ever. It makes us very happy, especially because we never make mistakeses. (Get it!?)

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