Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama to Usher in New Era of Hope, Except for Gays, Environmentalists

Barack Obama is an Adult who will Govern From the Center, like a Serious Person. That's why he is having Pastor Rick Warren, an anti-gay, anti-women's rights monster speak at his inauguration. He is very serious about healing our national wounds by bringing in close-minded zealots to, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network, "signal to religious conservatives that he’s willing to bring in both sides to the faith discussion in this country." You know, "both sides" of the "faith discussion," wherein one side recognizes universal, fundamental human rights and one doesn't.

So Rick Warren will give the invocation at the Serious inauguration, because it's better to legitimize these people than to marginalize them.

Also, environmentalists are no fans of Ken Salazar, Obama's pick for Sec. of the Interior. And here's something about how former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who will be the Sec. of Agriculture, sucks too.

Finally, everyone hates Barack Obama and now it's ok to criticize the government.


Breukellen said...


hullyg said...

Maybe he invited Rick Warren to speak at the inauguration to discourage people from attending. I hear it's going to be awfully crowded, this could be his way of helping. Or perhaps he's tired of friendly faces and wants some good old fashioned protestors there.

Mo Diggs said...

Obama also supports faith based initiatives

Well at least he's christian (belly laughs with tobacco dribbling down chin)