Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama Fails to Save Consumer Heroes

Everything changed after Barack Obama got elected, except for one thing. We are still a country of sales-crazed rabid dogs unwilling to stop short of anything, including murder, to get the 15% we deserve because freedom isn't free.

Cyber Monday, which is today for you Ad Busters jerks who don't buy shit, will result in an 85-year-old Chicago man being crushed by a computer that was hurled from a window following an unsucessful ebay auction. It will then be termed "New Independence Day" and the fireworks that every city shoots off next year will bankrupt our country even more.

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hullyg said...

Used to be we'd only hear of tragic deaths at the start of hunting season. Now we can add the lethal holiday shopping season. Wal-Mart shoppers, wear orange.

FYI on December 3, 1979 11 fans were trampled to death rushing the gates at a Cincinnati Who concert. The Who still played. Long Live Rock!