Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Waxman Wants All Drugs for Himself

Californian Representative Henry Waxman has a moustache you can set your watch to. Look at that thing. It is a serious moustache, and it belongs to a serious man. As the new chairman of the Committee of Energy and Commerce, he is humanity's only hope to push back the coming scarcity wars until at least we're all dead and our lousy kids have to deal with it. He's also going to try to take all of your experimental drugs away, because he doesn't want you to enhance yourself into a Captain America-like super-human.

Medical Marketing and Media, a horrible, evil publication, is reporting that Cali-stache has gone mad with power and is thinking about allowing the FDA to ban marketing new drugs directly to consumers on a case-by-case basis for the first two years the drug is in existence. They write:

“It is in these first few years of a drug's life that drug companies often aggressively market their products and engage in direct-to-consumer advertising,” Reuters quoted Waxman as saying. “This increases the number of consumer exposed to safety risks of new products long before those risks are truly understood.”

Waxman said Congress also needs to do something about physician marketing, because the “most persuasive, effective advertising” goes on in the doctor's office.

As you might imagine, this news hasn't gone over especially well at this blog's day job, which is none other than medical advertising specializing in direct to physician work. Blogging our own walk to the gallows, we are. We're not too upset about this news, though. As they say, it's better that we may get laid off so that others may not eat doctor-prescribed poison.

We're gonna go read that Chuck E. Cheese article again. That thing was great.

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